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Mini Scrapbook (Balloon - With Pictures)

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Mini Scrapbook (balloon shaped) consists of a collection of photo memories of all your loved ones in form of a book. There will be various small detailing of cards which shows all the photos & messages in an innovative way. Can be customized as per requirement.

Note: Photos will be pasted and delivered.

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  • Subroto Sen | Jan 17, 2023
    I recently acquired the Mini Scrapbook featuring a balloon theme, and it feels like cradling a treasure chest of memories in my hands! The balloon design lends a playful touch, and the quality of the pictures stands unmatched. Every page unfurls a smile on my face, making every moment captured truly cherished.
  • Priya Singh | Jan 18, 2023
    This Mini Scrapbook embodies a burst of joy! The uplifting balloon theme and the waves of nostalgia that wash over me as I flip through the picture-filled pages make it a delightful possession. Each glance brings a fresh wave of joy, making it a precious keepsake.
  • Priya Singh | Jan 19, 2023
    I am utterly charmed by this adorable Mini Scrapbook! The balloon theme acts as a delightful cherry on top. Every opening feels like a picturesque stroll down memory lane, bringing boundless happiness and warmth.

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